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Do you know the volume and the value of oil reserves extracted and produced in your country? Do you see the oil and gas sector depleting soon? Can you harness the full potential of the oil and gas in your country?  Well then, you will be surprised that none of these questions need an answer but rather, a SOLUTION.

You should by now be aware of the potential mineral and chemical wealth of your country. The oil and gas reserves are of massive proportions, but presently we suffer a shortage of truly skilled and trained technical staff to develop the extraction industry and this is evidently due to underutilization, corruption, poor academic qualifications, experience, and the list go on. It is clear to everybody that the functioning of the modern world depends on the availability of oil and gas, and will continue to do so until a new energy technology emerges. As known, global reserves of oil will vastly reach their peak production capacities, in turn, there will be few more important jobs in the world in the immediate future; we owe that to advanced technology.

Do you know that the downstream sector is a major target of interest and it is coated with all its sweet potential benefits, soon the oil and gas, most especially the downstream sector will play a far huger impact in the country if only it is properly and fundamentally utilized?

You Please ask me how?

Do you know Allied Chemicals, Lubricants & Engine oil will always be on the demand even if a nation’s oil well runs dry?

Do you know an increased number of a sustainable and well-maintained refinery producing way above 800,000 BPD (Barrels Per Day) can drive growth and an upper shift in the GDP of an economy?

Do you know Nigeria is sitting on an estimated 180TCF (Trillion (1012) cubic feet) of Gas, 2nd highest in the African continent and is yet to fully utilize its abundant Gas potential?

Do you know oil/gas facility will most likely undergo several changes in its lifecycle, as it may require repairs, replacement of structural parts (mostly caused by corrosion or degradation), upgrade, enhancement or expansion and maintenance as well? Now finally tell me who will be needed to fill this vacuum?

If you paid attention earlier you will realize these were not questions seeking answers but questions seeking solutions. Don’t you feel you can take advantage of this with all the right knowledge, skill, manpower and a great career pursuit? One can become an oil and gas player.

It’s laughable when I hear people say; “one day the oil in Nigeria will run dry”. Well until then, do not be bemused by such feeble thus failing to see an unending opportunity and potential of making an impact in your environment and likewise your bank account (hahaha).

A lot of destinations are suitable and equally valued if one chooses to study oil and gas as an undergraduate or a post graduate degree.

The UK and Cyprus is one of them. You should consider this if you studied engineering or would love to study engineering. Be a part of changing the global world and try to make up the SOLUTIONS and not the QUESTIONS

Recommended Universities

The University OF NICOSIA CYPRUS offers undergraduate and postgraduate study program on Energy, Oil and Gas Management

BRUNEL UNIVERSITY OF LONDON also offers a whooping discount on MSc study program on oil and gas  for 2017/2018, deadline: May 30, 2017

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