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Our Services

Our Services

At Imperial Educational Services, we set out always to deliver top professional and quality educational, training and travel services to help our clients on their way to having a successful study abroad story and experience. That’s the only way we can be successful too.

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In view of the world today, we believe that leveraging technology in our educational system is the only way the full potential of our institutions and students can be maximized. Hence, we have acquired a vast range of teaching and learning solutions for the educational stratosphere. from k-12 to tertiary institutions and we have secured partnerships with leading technology companies around the world. [su_button url=”” style=”glass” background=”#1E73BE” size=”8″ icon=”icon: soundcloud” icon_color=”#fff” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #”]Technology Enhanced learning (TEL)[/su_button]
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With our vast range of study destinations, we also provide organized tours tailored to suit your institution or organization, based on the required needs. Tours are available for K-12 secondary schools and tertiary institutions. We also provide short courses for organizational staff on a needs basis and we are not limited to request. All our tours and courses are bespoke, based on the requirements of the client.
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With partnerships and affiliations with over 200 universities in 10 countries worldwide, we provide our clients a wide range of options of universities to choose from. Our study abroad program includes services like admission processing, course advisory, visa documentation support, airport pickup, exchange programs, continuing education, etc. A few of our study destinations include USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania, South Africa, China etc.
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We are an international leading provider of quality training programs that address the various level needs of any organization, from medium sized companies to major companies. Our training packages are applicable to all disciplines of commerce, industry, government and structured organizations. We base our trainings to tackle business activities, technical operations development, administration, finance, management and sales in order to achieve an efficient process. Our trainings span across Educational development and teachers training, Civil and structural Engineering, Management and Personal development, Secretarial and administration management, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas Extraction and Production processing to mention a few.  IES is proud of her partnership with world renowned training facilitators to take your business or organization to its apex point
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One of the most important ways to succeed in life is by building a career, either as an entrepreneur or an employee. At IES, we have a team of well experienced technocrats and consultants to guide you through to the right career. With the use of our Psychometric testing application, we can confidently guide our prospects on the right career path judging by their test results which reveals an individual’s skills, talents, brain type and dexterity.  Our well trained facilitators have successfully trained over 5000 pupils in Core and Soft skills such as Bead making, Wire works, bakery, carpentry, technical works to mention a few.

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Our services are aimed at meeting and surpassing your educational travel, training and career developments needs and goals.You can rely on us for all your Educational Consulting Services in Nigeria

[us_testimonial author=”Olusunmade Oyindamola Anne” company=”Student at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus”]IES gave me a pathway to achieve my dreams as a pharmacist, they made the process very convenient and assisted me in settling down, even after my arrival they have been in constant touch with me.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”John Paul Enweaso” company=”MSc Business and Enterprenuership, University of Winnipeg, Canada”]Imperial Educational Services is a professional and advisory firm which helped with the processing of my admission all the way to my departure very easy and hitch free.[/us_testimonial]

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