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Study in Hungary

Study in Hungary

Study Abroad in HungaryStudy in Hungary

Hungary is increasingly becoming a popular study abroad destination. The Hungarian higher educational system has over the decades built a commendable and very strong tradition in the sciences. Beyond high quality education, Hungary also provides a lively and welcoming culture, a fascinating history and beautiful cities. For the past twenty years, over 10,000 international students have attended Hungarian higher educational institutes. Hungary is especially popular for studies in the sciences. These science fields include medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine to name a few. These are all programs with very competitive admission in lot of countries and where Hungary offers a great alternative. The education offered is good quality with medical degrees considered by the WHO and directly transferable to any EU country. Most of the Universities offer these degrees and more in English to appeal more to international students.

Cost of Tuition and Study in Hungary

Undergraduate Tuition: EUR 4009 – EUR 11,298 per academic year on average.
Postgraduate Tuition: EUR 3353 – EUR 5831 per year on average.
Course Registration fees: EUR 40 EUR -EUR 800 depending on the course.
A minimum of EUR30 and maximum of EUR50 for arts subjects, a little bit more expensive for science, medicine, sports and arts courses.

Study in hungary AccommodationACCOMMODATION:

  • Undergraduate University accommodation includes room, utility bills and a meal allowance. Costs currently range from EUR119 to EUR210 per week for 31 weeks.
  • Undergraduate self-catering accommodation includes utility bills but not food. Costs range from EUR100 to EUR154 per week for 39 weeks.
  • Postgraduate self-catering accommodation includes utility bills but not food. Costs range from EUR100 to EUR192 per week for 51 weeks.
  • Off campus accommodation Students pay between EUR75.00 and EUR120.00 per week for a 52-week rental (plus costs for electricity, gas and water).
  • Utility bills – EUR6 to EUR12 per week (off campus only).
  • General Living expenses: 250 € per month, depending on individual needs.
  • General Feeding, household needs, transportation: 100 € per month.

Study and Work Opportunities in Hungary

Finding a job in Hungary as a student can be difficult, however there is a Student Service Center on campus, helping students and informing them about job opportunities, grants and scholarships to cover their living costs and tuition fees. International students can register at student work agencies, like Hungarian students, and theoretically they have the same chances too.  However, as an international student you will have a better chance of getting a job if you can communicate in Hungarian language.
Regarding the salary, it is rather low so students cannot support themselves only with these earnings, it is more like extra pocket money for daily expenses like food and entertainment.

Religious Beliefs in Hungary.

Hungary claims no official religion and guarantees religious freedom. More than half the people are Roman Catholic, most of them living in the western and northern parts of the country. About one-fifth of the population are Calvinist concentrated in eastern Hungary. Lutherans constitute the next most significant minority faith, and relatively smaller groups belong to various other Christian denominations.

General Safety in Hungary.

International Students who decide to Study Abroad in Hungary will be happy to know that the Country is generally a very safe place, however there are a number of scams operating in the country that target foreigners, hence you have to be watchful and take safety precautions.

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  • International Passport / Passport Authentication
  • Passport Photographs (6)
  • Sponsorship Letter (Notarized)
  •  Bank Statement (Minimum of Three Million Naira)
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • WAEC / NECO or any qualified high school certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Academic References (2)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • University Certificate (Masters only)
  • University Transcripts (Masters only)

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